Most people today are increasingly concerned about weight loss. This is because of the availability of unhealthy food and more sedentary lifestyles. If you are seeking an effective way of losing weight, you should try out the latest effective method of using a HCG diet. hcg-saladUsing the real HCG hormones has been found to be effective at helping people drop weight easily and quickly. Here are some of the main benefits of using a HCG diet for weight loss:

HCG does not even require exercise for weight loss

You may want to lose weight but you do not have enough time for exercise, or you are simply exhausted after finishing working. If this describes your situation, then you can rely on the HCG diet to help you out. In this approach, you achieve weight loss through daily HCG injections and a suitable low-calorie diet. The hormone releases fat into the blood to be utilized as energy stores all through the day. Since fat is released through hormone injections, you do not need to spend a lot of time working out and wasting your much needed free time

HCG diet guarantees rapid weight loss

While there are many different variants of the HCG weight loss injections, all of them are formulated to assist, users shed weight as fast as possible. For instance, a short HCG diet procedure that lasts for 15 days will elicit a loss of between 10 and 20lbs. If you go for the longest one that lasts for roughly 90 days, you can expect to lose more than 90lbs of fat. HCG is the only product that can guarantee great weight loss results like these, with the exception of getting liposuction, which is not really very safe.

HCG diet is easy to follow

HCG diet is not only about getting the HCG injections, but it also involves changing your eating habits. This diet also comes with an in-depth list of pre-approved foods that you are supposed to eat. The foods contain no sugars or starches and instead consist of vegetables, fruit and lean proteins. If you have been searching for a healthy diet but you are unsure of what foods you should be eating then this is the right diet for you. Actually, you may even find that you have acquired the necessary knowledge you need for living a healthier lifestyle once you have completed your HCG diet.

There is also the fact that HCG injections and a HCG diet will make you healthier in the long run. When you lose weight quickly, you can be able to manage diabetes more effectively and even breathe much better.

There is no dearth of puzzle games out there but once in a while a game emerges that is puzzling, addictive and satiating. Breezeblox on the Wii U eShop is a lot different from EDGE which has a cult like following but the latest kid on the block does manage to stand its ground and it succeeds to impress.

Before delving into the review which would entail critical analysis of Breezeblox, let us take a quick look at what the game is.

Breezeblox: The Game

It is a puzzle game developed by Brenna Maddox. As the name might suggest, the game is a block rolling puzzle. There is 2x2x1 sized cube that has to be moved from one point to another in various patterns. The patterns are set in isometric planes and are gridded. The grids and patterns obviously change from one level to another. The purpose of the game is to move the block from the green point which is the starting point to the red point which marks the finishing point. The block can lay flat on the grids of cubes or it can stand. While the grids are made of cubes, the block is actually a square and not a cube, purely in geometrical sense.

The game appears to be quite simple but it does have its share of challenges which can become quite daunting for even the puzzle game enthusiasts.

The Review

The setting of Breezeblox is engaging. The design is futuristic and minimal. The colors, patterns and grids are all very captivating. The game appears to be simple and it is indeed simple in the first few levels but as you progress through the first chapter which has fifty levels, you would start to taste what difficulty is. There are three chapters with fifty levels each accounting for a hundred and fifty puzzles.

Breezeblox tests spatial logic and advance planning in a very realistic way. There is nothing you can do at the moment to change a course. You have to plan in advance and you can only react after you have gone wrong with a move. When teleporters and disappearing floors arrive at the later levels, you would be absolutely thrilled.

If there can be any complaint about Breezeblox, then it would be the lack of scoring and timing. There is no leader board. One cannot play with a timer on and there is no reward to getting back to a level after one has completed it already. But, the game is satiating, addictive and you also have the luxury to jump from one level to another should you be stuck, and you would be stuck more often than not as you climb up the levels.