Blizzard accidentally ships Diablo 4 collector’s editions a month early
Diablo 4 is one of the most awaited games of 2023. The game is not set for release until June 6th, 2023, but it appears that Blizzard may have accidentally released some Diablo 4 collector’s editions early. A few YouTubers have already posted unboxing videos of the collector’s edition on YouTube, which has taken the gaming community by storm. This article delves into the collector’s edition, provides a review of its contents, and raises some questions about the potential for a premature shipment.

As per the unboxing videos, the box is labelled “Do not ship before June 1st, 2023,” however, there is no mention of not opening it before then. Wudijo, one of the influencers who received the collector’s edition, used a knife to open the box, revealing a double gatefold box that includes two beautiful prints, a hardcover art book, blood petals, a large Horadric Crest pin, a mouse pad, and a large cloth map. The centerpiece of this collector’s edition is arguably the cloth map, which is sure to please players and collectors alike.

The Diablo 4 collector’s edition is available for pre-order on the Blizzard store for $96.66, which is a reasonable price, but it does not include the game itself. One has to purchase the game separately from the collector’s edition. Therefore, the total cost of the collector’s edition and the game combined could exceed $200- a high price for a collector’s edition. Some gamers might think that without the game, it’s only swag, but it’s still an impressive package.

The article ends by asking whether Blizzard actually shipped the collector’s edition out a month early or whether it was an intentional rollout. It seems strange if they did. For example, you would not want someone opening the box before the actual game release. Hopefully, Blizzard will provide a response soon, even as rumors circulate on social media. Overall, the Diablo 4 collector’s edition is a beautiful package, and its contents will surely delight Diablo fans. It’s packed with memorabilia that any collector would love to own.

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