Blizzard Entertainment is making waves in the gaming industry as it files a patent that makes use of “machine learning-based 2D structured image generation.” As the patent circulated, concerns arose that the Diablo 4 developer was using AI to create art from scratch, but Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Ybarra has since debunked those claims.

In strategic damage control, Ybarra issued a statement pointing out that the “machine learning and AI” used in their games won’t result in anything less than Blizzard quality. The company is set to use AI in a way that will aid their talented teams and enable them “to spend more time on the highest quality creative thinking and tasks.”

Ybarra was addressing former Blizzard Entertainment associate game designer Eric Covington’s complains about the use of AI art. The Hearthstone Design Manager, Brendan Sewell, supports Ybarra’s clarification, pointing out that Blizzard used AI to apply the style of an image and create variant textures, and not to create art.

Sewell added that the report is misleading, as it failed to provide a link to the actual patent by Blizzard. He compared the patent to the ethics of a Photoshop filter, making it very different from AI art seen created by prompts. “It’s a tool to save time creating variant textures,” Sewell said.

As the criticisms pour in, it’s worth remembering that Blizzard has a reputation to uphold. The company’s drive to create quality games is a significant selling point, and the use of AI, if used smartly, can only enhance, rather than detract from, their product.

Blizzard Entertainment’s approach to the use of AI and machine learning is additive and empathic. It aids the creative process and gives the teams more freedom to concentrate on tasks that require their specialized expertise, and the results will be of elevated quality. Therefore, if used correctly, the use of AI in gaming is likely to enhance the playing experience for consumers.

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