In a recent Diablo IV livestream, Blizzard revealed more about its upcoming game, including the Helltide system that players can use to target-farm specific items. During a Helltide event, players can seek out loot caches that correspond to a specific item slot and accumulate Cinders by defeating monsters in the area, which they can then use to unlock the caches. The cost of a cache is determined by the item slot it offers, so players can open multiple caches over the course of the event as long as they have enough Cinders.

Helltides are only active in a specific area for about an hour, so players need to be mindful of how many caches they want to open and farm Cinders appropriately. If they die, they will lose half of their collected Cinders, so players need to plan carefully and make efficient use of their time. Even if they can’t open as many caches as they wanted, Helltides offer great rewards, as defeating monsters in these areas yield better loot than standard enemies, plus high-level crafting materials.

However, Helltides are not the only endgame content that Diablo IV has to offer. The developer discussed other features, such as Nightmare dungeons, which players need to complete to earn gear and upgrade glyphs, and also addressed feedback on dungeon design and class-balance received from the open beta. In addition, Blizzard announced a free “server slam” test from May 12 to 14 for those interested in trying the game again ahead of its official release, and hitting certain milestones will grant rewards at the game’s launch.

Diablo IV is scheduled to be released on June 6 and will have new seasonal content available every three months. Blizzard estimates that it will take about 80 hours to complete each season’s battle pass, which comes alongside new story content and gameplay features.

Overall, the Helltide system is an exciting addition to Diablo IV that allows players more control over their progression and gives them a chance to target-farm specific items. However, it also requires careful planning and execution, making it a challenging yet rewarding experience for players.

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