Blizzard, the game development company, is set to unveil post-launch plans for Diablo 4, its upcoming game, during a live-stream presentation on May 10. The Diablo Twitch and YouTube channels will air the presentation at 11am PT and 2pm ET, and 7pm BST. The presentation will feature executives, including Diablo Franchise General Manager, Rod Fergusson, who will reveal to the world how the game’s seasons, cosmetics, and Battle Pass will operate.

A Battle Pass is a series of standalone quests with story content that helps to provide context for new seasonal mechanics. As previously confirmed, the Battle Pass will take approximately 80 hours to complete. According to the Diablo 4 team, each season will run for three months and will mirror those in Diablo 3, the previously launched game.

Diablo 4’s seasons will involve the player starting from level one with a new character, with the objective of leveling up the character via completing set tasks and objectives over the course of the season. The aim of the season is to get the player character to level 100.

While each season will have story content, it won’t be comparable to a fully-fledged campaign, as recently clarified by Joseph Piepiora, Associate Director of the game. In a recent interview with Game Informer, Piepiora explained that the story content in the game’s seasons would help provide context to new seasonal mechanics, not a new campaign.

As part of a recent tweet, Fergusson confirmed that the new quest lines would be available as part of the free path in each season and would not require players to buy a Battle Pass to access them.

Fans of the game eagerly await this presentation as it will enable them to get a glimpse into the inner workings of this much-anticipated game. If you are curious about the game or excited about it, we invite you to tune in and find out what’s in store for Diablo 4.

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