With only a few weeks remaining before the launch of Diablo 4, players will be pleased to learn that changes to Treasure Goblins are coming before the game’s release. Many fans of the franchise are excited for the release of Diablo 4, but some have been concerned following a beta event back in March that caused frustration for players due to server issues. Although the recent Diablo 4 Server Slam made a big difference, with most issues resolved and reception being much more positive, some players still experienced minor issues that left them concerned for the state of the game at launch.

One player who participated in the Server Slam raised their concerns via Twitter to Diablo’s SVP and General Manager Rod Fergusson about the state of the Treasure Goblins. The creatures are valuable to players as they can be killed for loot, but the player claimed that having killed over 20 Treasure Goblins, legendary loot was not being dropped, and only two cosmetics were available. These frustrated players will be glad to hear that the Treasure Goblin issue has been resolved, according to a reply from Fergusson who confirmed that the developers for Diablo 4 are already aware of the problem and have made the necessary fixes.

After a successful Server Slam for Diablo 4, the developers behind the game have worked tirelessly to ensure that the game’s release goes as smoothly as possible. The feedback of players from beta events is an essential instrument in correcting a game’s issues, and it is good to know that the developers have used this feedback to make Diablo 4 the best possible gaming experience for its fans.

Diablo 4 will release on June 6, and it will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Exciting news, the countdown has begun!


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