Diablo IV will let you chase your fantasy

Diablo IV character creation

With the character and class customization options, there’s so much players can control. Forget BK — you can also have it your way in Diablo IV, too. Blizzard released a video highlighting the various customization options available to players to ensure every new arrival to Sanctuary is unique.

In previous Diablo games, whichever class you chose dictated your physical appearance throughout the game. However, in Diablo IV, for the first time ever in the franchise, you have complete control over your character’s appearance. The character and class customization options are extensive, giving players the ability to create and customize their character in numerous ways. You can choose hair that suits you, pick different body types and conditions, design scars or tattoos, and even select different skin tones.

The developers team responsible for the game decided to be diverse and inclusive offering options from different cultures without verging on appropriation. Every character should feel like they’re from Sanctuary, not any real-world culture. This means that there is a range of different body types and ins-and-outs with vitiligo and scars without biting into any culture.

For new or lapsed Diablo players, the game might be overwhelming. As it is, the class system on its own can be intimidating. However, with the skill tree, paragon board, aspects augmenting gear and items enhancing characters; there are numerous ways to enhance your chosen class. To help new players, the first few branches of the skill tree are designed to be simple to navigate. Making skill tree choices, is almost like picking a fantasy you want to chase. The skill tree gradually opens up, providing more complex and intricate choices that build on a few critical early ones as you get deeper into the game.

The paragon board, which opens up at level 50, adds another layer of fantasy chasing. There are nodes that you unlock with each level up. They pave your way through webs of stat increases. You get to rare or legendary nodes that significantly upgrade a type of spell or ability. The paragon board will let you choose where you start, and you can change the orientation of the board to get to the rare and legendary nodes you wish to chase.

Choosing a path may make building your character more difficult, but the idea is that you are forging your own path to make your build, which is kind of the fantasy they are aiming for. With Diablo IV launching on June 6th, gamers have every reason to be excited about the unlimited gamplay options they will have.

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