Diablo 2: Resurrected patch 2.7 is now available, and Blizzard is prepping for the launch of season 4 of its remastered spin on the classic RPG game. This update provides a few welcome tweaks to classes, with notable changes made to the Assassin and Druid characters in particular. Additionally, with Diablo 4 slated for release shortly, this update is likely to be the last before a new era of loot grinding starts.

This update is packed with additional features for players to enjoy as they enter the Diablo universe once again. One such added capability is the introduction of four extra character slots across all online modes so that players will have more room to enjoy the game with additional characters of their choice. Characters that have been transferred to non-ladder games from previous seasons will also see their respec counters reset, allowing players to experiment with their builds even more than before.

The update also introduces changes to the Next Hit Delay system that now makes certain skills land on a single enemy in quick succession, where they would have been affected by shared cooldowns before. This alteration would be most noticeable to players in multiplayer mode. It is a useful step in balancing the game, which leads to better damage consistency.

In the case of the Assassin class, players will enjoy more bonuses from Elemental Skill Damage modifiers, primarily in Trap skills. Additionally, the game has fixed an issue causing these skills to potentially not benefit from resistance reduction on enemies. Furthermore, Druids will now be able to shapeshift more efficiently between Werewolf and Werebear forms, which would enable them to get the bonuses from both bodies more smoothly.

The patch notes include major and minor additions, and the automated system that removes malicious messages from all chat lobbies is a great value add to the game. The patch also features general bug fixes to ensure a stable and smooth gameplay experience.


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