Diablo 4 Might Have Another KFC Promotion Soon

Diablo 4 might be having another promotion with KFC soon. If the recent leak is accurate, players can expect the chance to earn several in-game rewards for Diablo 4 if they visit KFC multiple times during the promotion period.

In March, Diablo 4 partnered with KFC to give away access codes for the first closed beta weekend. Players who purchased the infamous Double Down sandwich from KFC could get free codes to jump into the first Diablo 4 beta while supplies lasted.

Now, it seems like Diablo 4 might team up with KFC one more time for the game’s launch. According to a recent leak from what appears to be an internal KFC work site, the fast food chain is planning a collaboration with Diablo 4 from May 29 through July 2, complete with Sanctuary-themed food and drink packaging.

The announcement says up to five exclusive in-game rewards can be claimed over the period. The first can be acquired by scanning a QR code on the special Diablo 4 sandwich pouch, and the four others are earned with subsequent sandwich purchases from the KFC website or mobile app.

There is currently no information on what these Diablo 4 rewards will be, though the leak refers to them as in-game assets. It is likely the rewards will be cosmetics, such as a unique Diablo 4 mount or transmog items.

If the promotion is legitimate, Diablo 4 will likely unveil the collaboration and the rewards within the next few weeks.

While there is no guarantee this leak is real, there’s a good chance it is. The leak was revealed by Reddit user GoreDeathKilll–the same person responsible for sharing information on the first Diablo 4 KFC collaboration before it was officially announced.

Once the hype over its final beta weekend is over, perhaps Blizzard will reveal official details on this potential collaboration with KFC to celebrate the launch of Diablo 4. Diablo 4 will be available June 6 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

It looks like gaming fans and fast-food lovers may have more reason to rejoice. Diablo 4 is set to launch next month, and rumors suggest that KFC may collaborate with the hit game once again. The previous promotion saw the restaurant give away codes for Diablo 4’s beta through their famous Double Down sandwich. This time around, gamers who visit KFC multiple times during the promotion period may be rewarded with in-game assets for the upcoming game.

The promotion is expected to run from May 29 through July 2, and it promises to deliver five unique in-game assets. The official announcement from KFC states that the first asset can be accessed by scanning a QR code that comes with the Diablo 4 sandwich pouch. The remaining four assets are earned with subsequent sandwich purchases via KFC’s official website or mobile app. Although it’s unclear what type of in-game rewards players can expect, it’s safe to assume that KFC would be offering rare and exclusive items to gamers.

This will be the second collaboration between KFC and Diablo 4, and the recent leak was revealed by user GhoreDeathKilll, who also gave information on the first KFC promotion. Although gamers are excited, we cannot guarantee that these leaks are legitimate, and with a game as anticipated as Diablo 4, it only makes sense for rumors to spread. However, Blizzard will be officially unveiling the collaboration and rewards soon enough, so Diablo 4 fans should keep an eye out for any revealing announcements over the next few weeks.

Diablo 4 is set to release on June 6, so fans will not have to wait too long for the game to debut. KFC’s collaboration may give fans more motivation to order the Diablo 4 sandwich and buy other meals while waiting for the game to arrive. The potential partnership highlights how the gaming industry can reach outside its usual arenas and into mainstream culture, creating excitement and engaging gamers interested in different forms of entertainment.

Overall, the new collaboration between Diablo 4 and KFC is exciting news for fans of both the game and the restaurant. Whether you’re a foodie or a gamer, the potential rewards sound promising and could make for unique, must-have items in the fast-paced and highly anticipated game.


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