The Diablo 4 beta version is finally out and gamers can finally test their demon slaying skills with the game’s early stages before its official launch in June. This beta version boasts one of the most coveted features of any game – the World Boss. This feature is too attractive for gamers to pass up and will challenge the much-experienced players to an extreme level to get the rewards. Ashava the Pestilent, the only World Boss in the beta, is one of the fiercest foes players will encounter and should not be underestimated.

Finding Ashava

To challenge Ashava, players must first locate the fearsome creature. Ashava can be found east of Kyovashad and northeast of Yelesna in the Level 25 zone known as The Crucible. Players should be mindful of their journey as The Crucible is known for its difficulty and has a set of obstacles that gamers must overcome.

Spawning Times

Ashava’s presence is fleeting, so gamers must know the exact time when Ashava will appear. The Ashava world boss fight will take place over four waves that gamers must prepare for. Players must defeat Ashava within 15 minutes once they arrive in the Crucible to gain high-level legendary loot. These are the times that gamers should know in order to challenge Ashava:
– Saturday, May 13th @ 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT
– Every three hours after the above time until May 14th @ 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT

How to Defeat Ashava

Ashava has several moves that gamers need to be aware of. All of Ashava’s attacks include persistent poison damage, so gamers must have the necessary gears and resistance to counter these attacks. Ashava scales based on the number of players fighting her, meaning she’ll be at her most powerful when a full group of 12 players is engaging her.

Gamers should also note that Ashava can attack via:
– Ground Pound. Ashava will do a quick backstep and then wind up and pound the spot she was just at.
– Lunging Chomp. Ashava dips her head low and snaps her neck toward her target. Her bite is often a one-hit kill.
– Pounce Stomp. Ashava crouches back on her hind legs and leaps forward, knocking down targets.
– Area of Attack Sweep: Ashava sweeps around in a 360 spin with one of her forearm blades, followed by a half-spin with the other blade in the same direction. You’ll see her telegraph the attack when she raises her arm almost all the way back to her shoulder. Can knockdown or insta-kill players.
– Poison Clouds. Ashava breathes / vomits up clouds of poisonous gas that turn to poison pools on the ground dealing ongoing damage. You’ll see this coming when she stands up, and green drool starts to come out of her mouth.
– Plow Back. Ahsava raises upright with both blades before striking the ground rapidly and plowing it up back toward her hind legs. Can insta-kill or drag players.

To beat Ashava, gamers must:
– Utilize any gear or skills that create barriers / shields / domes / etc., to counter physical attacks.
– Equip any poison-resistant gear available.
– Revive allies to avoid losing 10% durability on gear.
– Be strategic with their attack to avoid Ashava’s attacks.

Loot Exploit

Gamers can exploit Ashava’s loot drops with a simple trick. Everyone has a maximum of 15 minutes to defeat Ashava once they enter the Crucible, but players who kill Ashava faster can loot and teleport back to town to re-enter the Crucible. Players will encounter Ashava in another instance of the fight, providing another chance to take down the world boss and claim more loot before the 15 minutes are up. They should bear in mind that everyone must leave the current instance to make this work.

In summary, defeating Ashava The Pestilent is no easy feat. Valor and strategy are required to defeat this creature, and with the tips and strategy we have provided, gamers can surely defeat Ashava and claim the rewards that come with it.

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