Diablo 4’s Blight Commander Build Explained

By Matt Karoglou – Published 7 hours ago

The Blight Commander build in Diablo 4 is one of the more potent DoT and summoning builds for the versatile and powerful Necromancer class.

Since its introduction in Diablo 2, the Necromancer class has been a longtime fan favorite of players who enjoy dealing heavy damage while controlling a nigh-unstoppable army of the undead. The Necromancer makes a return as a launch class in Diablo 4 after being relegated to DLC in Diablo 3, and the ability to control a platoon of skeletons to swarm enemies is one of the better tactics for dealing with Diablo 4’s mobs both in dungeons and in the sprawling open world. The Blight Commander build takes advantage of the Necromancer’s penchant for getting the dead to do their dirty work while staying out of harm’s way.

Diablo 4 Blight Commander Build

The Blight Commander build is all about allowing players using the Necromancer class to become heavy AoE (Area of Effect) damage dealers while also slowing and draining enemy health pools. The general strategy involves activating the Blight skill and then swarming enemies with skeletons, dealing DoT (Damage over Time) in a decently-sized area of effect, and also having a 15% buff to damage dealt by the Necromancer’s minions. Once the Necromancer’s essence pool has been drained, the Corpse Explosion skill can be triggered to affect more DoT to enemies in a large AoE, making it one of the best Diablo 4 Necromancer builds for wiping large mobs of enemies.

Skills to Prioritize for the Blight Commander Build

Players using the Blight Commander build will begin each encounter by activating Blight to deal DoT while also slowing enemies. Blight also has the added bonus of increasing the damage dealt by the Necromancer’s skeleton army, making it the most essential skill for the build. After spamming the Blight skill and swarming enemy mobs with skeletons, the Corpse Explosion and Corpse Tendril skills complete the encounter strategy and deliver massive AoE damage to enemies while keeping them grouped in tight clusters for maximum effect. Outside these skills, players will also want to invest points into Raise Skeleton and, later on, Skeletal Mage Mastery.

  • Blight – Blight is the core skill for the Blight Commander build and allows players to deal both direct damage and indirect DoT through a decently-sized AoE shadow pool. The effect will damage any enemy standing in the shadow pool and can be stacked for maximum impact
  • Corpse Explosion – Once enemies have been slowed and are receiving DoT via Blight, players can activate the Corpse Explosion skill to really emphasize the value of the Blight Commander build
  • Corpse Tendril – Corpse Tendril is another skill that adds value to the Blight Commander build through the simple virtue of only requiring 1 skill point to invest in and grouping enemies together to get maximum efficiency from Corpse Explosion
  • Raise Skeleton – Raise Skeleton is the prerequisite skill for the Blight Commander build as players will want to be able to summon an army of the dead to swarm enemies and bosses
  • Skeletal Mage Mastery- Players will want to switch to cold Skeletal Mages to be able to stack more DoT effects and get the most out of the build

How to Use the Blight Commander Build Against Diablo 4’s Enemies and Bosses

Whether tackling large groups of enemies or a seemingly insurmountable boss encounter, the Blight Commander build utilizes the same basic strategy with just one or two small exceptions. Boss encounters can be made more manageable by using the Necromancer’s Golem skill to raise a corpse minion that acts as a tank and is capable of withstanding large amounts of damage while also drawing aggro. The Golem can also spawn corpses once it has taken enough damage, allowing players to spam more uses of Corpse Explosion.Once players have access to the Grim Harvest skill they can forego the need to ever use the base Bone Splinters attack ever again, constantly replenishing essence with each cast and switching to full reliance on the Necromancer’s corpse army. The Blight Commander build is one that is designed with synergy in mind, making the best of the stacking DoT effect of many of the Necromancer’s abilities while also impacting enemies over a large AoE for best results. Whether playing alone or as a member of a party, the Blight Commander is a great showcase for the effectiveness of Diablo 4’s Necromancer.

Diablo 4 will be available June 6 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S


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