Diablo 4 Making a Huge Change to Crafting

Diablo 4 enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming release of the newest addition to Blizzard’s action RPG series on June 6th. One of the most significant changes for Diablo 4, which lead game producer Melissa Corning and lead class designer Adam Jackson recently shared in an interview with Game Rant, is the new crafting system that departs from past Diablo games in a major way.

While previous entries in the series allowed players to interact with a variety of artisans like the blacksmith, jeweler, and alchemist to refine their equipment with crafting materials and create new gear, Diablo 4 is built around an item improvement system. This is intended to shift the focus back to killing and looting, which Jackson explains is at the core of everything that players are chasing in Diablo. Crafting gear does not do everything for the player, and players still need to engage with the gameplay to upgrade their existing equipment to keep it up to date.

Jackson points out that being able to create gear at the blacksmith interfered with the whole point of action RPGs like Diablo: killing monsters and acquiring loot. Creating gear was the focus instead of being motivated to chase the stats that players want and feel they have some agency in their character’s progression. The focus has shifted to facilitating more creative expression from players who will not be as bogged down by random number generation (RNG). The shift from gear crafting to gear upgrading keeps players engaged with the gameplay rather than stuck in town.

Diablo 4 features systems like enchantments which allow players to reroll stat affixes and the aspects system tied to the codex of power, giving players numerous ways to fine-tune their equipment. The crafting system in Diablo 4 is meant to enhance the experience and lessen the impact of random number generation (RNG).

This departure from previous Diablo games is a significant change, but it is one that has been well-received by the fans, who are excited to play the new game. The Diablo 4 team plans to iterate on the crafting system post-release, so we can expect some adjustments and refinements along the way.

Diablo 4 releases on June 6 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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