Diablo 4 players may have to reconsider their initial impressions regarding the Druid once the full game releases. According to Diablo 4 associate game director Joe Piepiora, Druid is one of the strongest classes in the game’s internal tests. This announcement came after some significant updates, including damage upgrades to companion skills, reducing ultimate cooldowns, and making Maul and Pulverize alterations.

In Diablo 4, Druids were only permitted to run four unlock quests which didn’t allow them to rain to reach their full potential since it is an integral part of the kit. It’s like playing a Necromancer with half its summons missing. Druids and Barbarians couldn’t be fully unlocked to their level 15 because the quests had taken place outside the beta zones.

Druid’s strength can significantly increase in the late game, and the players haven’t had a chance to experience the full potential of Druid in the early stages. Also, players should consider that there are essential skills at the end of the skill tree that beta skill points did not reach. Moreover, legendary nodes were not present either in the beta version, which can alter the game’s dynamics, making it all the more interesting once it is launched.

While it is normal to judge a class’s performance based on early beta hours, it is also essential to note that beta hours don’t reflect the final output of a game. Blizzard Entertainment developer is open to beta feedback and made amends to some classes based on player complaints. So, if you’re excited to play Druid but disappointed about its performance, don’t write them off yet. It will be interesting to see how the game will turn out once it is fully launched.