Diablo 4, the upcoming release from Blizzard Entertainment, has gained attention from players and critics alike. And while recent beta tests have impressed most players, many are asking the question, “will the endgame match up?” Blizzard recently released a video detailing aspects of the endgame experience, promising that it will not merely be a tedious repetition of runs.

According to the video, players must beat a “capstone” dungeon in order to advance to the next wool tier difficulties, which may remind some gamers of the popular Korean MMORPG, Lost Ark. A new Paragon system will be available after the skill point level cap, offering a customizable way to strengthen builds beyond the flat stat boosts of the previous game, Diablo III.

But the most intriguing aspect of Diablo 4’s endgame may be the “Aspects” system, a collection of more than 120 dungeons throughout the game. By completing these dungeons, players can apply “Aspects” to their legendary gear to upgrade it with new powers. Players who participated in recent betas have seen some of these Aspects firsthand.

Nightmare Dungeons are another new feature that will offer players a way to level up their gear and earn bigger rewards. Players will need a special rune to access these, and the dungeons will feature new objectives and enemy types. One example given was affixes, such as a portal that appears periodically to throw out random monsters from other zones that the player must confront.

For players more interested in PvP, Diablo 4 will launch with a new PvP system that is somewhat extraction-based. After entering a PvP zone and defeating monsters and other players for shards, gamers must purify those shards, which will attract more opponents looking for a fight. Once purified, the player must flee to the nearest town to spend their currency on cosmetics and gear.

While there is still much we don’t know about Diablo 4, the excitement for the game’s release continues to build. The video shows how it differs from its predecessor, suggesting that it will offer improved endgame content with more depth than the previous game. Gaming enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo 4 and what it has to offer.

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