Diablo 4 Exclusive KFC Promotion Cosmetics Revealed

Diablo 4 fans can double down on their devotion to Lilith by obtaining these cosmetic weapon skins in an upcoming promotion with KFC.

The cosmetic items included in an upcoming promotion between Diablo 4 and KFC have been revealed. Though the crossover has not been officially announced by Diablo 4 yet, players can expect the chance to earn these transmog items once the promotion begins. Previously, players discovered a leak that suggested Diablo 4 was having another promotion with KFC.

If the leak is accurate, players will be able to earn five special in-game rewards during the crossover period, purportedly scheduled to run from May 29 through July 2.

The five cosmetic weapons in the Diablo 4 KFC promotion are:

  • The Vessel of Eleven, a Diablo 4 Druid-only offhand totem whose name is inspired by the 11 herbs and spices from the KFC Original Recipe.
  • The Thrumming Axle, a staff that looks like KFC’s chicken rotisseries.
  • The Dread Pheasant Slayer, a bow referencing a bird closely-related to the chicken.
  • The Hand of Gallus, a polearm named after the scientific species and genus of chickens.
  • The Foul Reaper, a two-handed scythe that plays on the word “fowl” while also resembling a chicken tender on a fork.

Blizzard has yet to formally announce this event, but evidence pointing towards its existence is overwhelming. The original leak was from the same person who revealed the first Diablo 4 KFC promotion to get closed beta participation codes, and the weapons from this most recent leak feature models not yet seen in the game. Details on the event could change before it begins, but players can almost certainly expect to see official confirmation within the next week or so.

If the details of this rumored promotion don’t change when it goes live, players can earn one of these rewards simply by scanning a QR code on one of the special Diablo 4 sandwich wraps KFC will use during the time period. The subsequent four others can be earned by ordering sandwiches via the KFC mobile app or website. Players will have to wait to see the specifics for this promotion when and if it is officially announced.

Diablo 4 will be available June 6 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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