Diablo 4 – Necromancer Skills Guide

The Necromancer in Diablo 4 that follows the teachings of Rathma has abilities that focus on raising the dead to creations made of bone. Here’s our Diablo 4 Necromancer skills overview guide to help you with various abilities that you can unlock.

Diablo 4 Necromancer skills

The Diablo 4 Necromancer focuses on harnessing the energies of life and death through blood, bone, and curses. Enemies that you kill will sometimes leave corpses behind, which are denoted by a red aura, which you can use to raise your undead army, or proc effects to annihilate your foes.

Diablo 4 Necromancer Basic skills

Basic skills are always available to cast. They deal fairly low damage, but are your bread-and-butter abilities. They’ll help regenerate the Necromancer’s essence resource.

  • Reap – Sweep a scythe in front of you to deal damage; hitting an enemy improves your damage reduction.
    • Enhanced:
      • If an enemy hit by Reap dies within two seconds, gain +30% attack speed for three seconds.
    • Acolyte’s: Forms a corpse under the first enemy hit; can occur every five seconds.
    • Initiate’s: Instantly kills targets below 5% HP; does not work on bosses or players.

    More details about the remaining basic skills, decompose, hemorrhage, and bone splinters can be found on the Gamespot website.

    Diablo 4 Necromancer Corpse/Macabre skills

    The Diablo 4 Necromancer skills in this section are for defensive and crowd-control purposes. You can select from this section once you’ve spent at least six skill points.

    • Blood Mist – Become immune for three seconds; slows down your movement speed but partially heals you by damaging nearby enemies.
      • Enhanced: Reduces the cooldown by two seconds when you cast a skill that overpowers.
      • Dreadful: Fortifies you for a percentage of your base life each time it hits an enemy.
      • Ghastly: Leave behind a corpse every one second.
    • Corpse Explosion – Detonate a corpse to deal damage to surrounding enemies.

    Diablo 4 Necromancer Curse skills

    Curse skills generate a debilitating affliction on a target area. These can be selected once you’ve spent 11 skill points.

    • Iron Maiden – Affected enemies take damage each time they deal direct damage.
      • Enhanced: No longer costs essence; gain essence for each enemy that gets cursed; does not work on those already afflicted.
      • Abhorrent: Heal for 5% of your max HP when an enemy dies while afflicted.
      • Horrid: +15% Iron Maiden damage when at least three enemies are affected.
    • Decrepify – Slows targets and makes them deal less damage.

    More details about the remaining corpse and macabre skills and ultimate skills can be found on the Gamespot website.

    If you are interested, Diablo 4 is currently in its beta stage. As such, some of the information here may change as we get closer to the game’s official launch on June 6. We’ll update this guide accordingly. For now, you may visit our class hub.

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