Blizzard’s highly anticipated ARPG, Diablo 4, is set to launch on June 6th, 2023, but fans of the franchise can look forward to further story content being released every three months as part of seasonal updates.

Players were given the opportunity to playtest the game through the closed beta weekends, with access granted as long as they were able to get past any queues and bugs. Although the game’s launch is still a while away, fans have been curious about what the post-launch content of Diablo 4 will entail.

Diablo 4’s associate game director, Joe Piepiora, revealed to Game Informer that the game will be updated quarterly, with additional story content added with each subsequent update. These story updates will further expand the world and narrative of Diablo 4. The seasonal updates will also introduce new mechanics and features, adding complexity to the gameplay for those seeking it.

As with other games, Diablo 4 will have a battle pass, which will feature both a free and premium version for players who choose to participate. However, Blizzard confirmed that the first season would not be available at the game’s launch but will be released later on.

Piepiora hesitated to use the term “expansion,” signaling that Diablo 4 may take a different direction in terms of its content. While larger expansions are still in the works, they will be separate from the seasonal updates. Expansions will offer a greater amount of content in comparison to a regular season but will come at an additional cost alongside the base game.

To the delight of many fans, Blizzard confirmed that all seasonal content, not including the premium battle pass, will be free. This means players can enjoy the additional story content without having to pay anything extra.

Overall, the post-launch content of Diablo 4 looks very promising, with players being able to further immerse themselves into the game’s world and narrative with additional story content released every three months.

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