In Diablo 4, opening the silent chests requires you to have Whispering Keys. Knowing how to find these keys will define your experience in the game.

Whispering Keys are the primary currency used to open silent chests. These chests contain some of the best gear and weapons in the game, and unlocking them increases your chances of getting the items you need to enhance your build.

Although Whispering Keys are difficult to find, they can be obtained from the Purveyor of Curiosities in any town hub area. Each key costs 20 Murmuring Obols, which you can earn as rewards for various types of completed missions or local events.

Once you’ve traded enough Obols for Whispering Keys, you can hunt for Silent Chests. These massive white chests contain rare items that can help improve your character’s gear. They are randomly scattered throughout the open world, and their spawn locations are random. You can find them most commonly in dungeons and cellars or instanced areas like Strongholds.

It’s important to note that Silent Chests will disappear if you reset the session. So keep that in mind, and ensure you have enough Whispering keys to last through your entire adventure.

To conclude, understanding how to obtain Whispering Keys and where to find Silent Chests is crucial to maximize your Diablo 4 gaming experience. As you explore the open world within the game, ensure that you’re adequately stocked up on Whispering Keys so that you don’t miss out on any treasures in the silent chests.


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