If you’re a fan of the Diablo franchise, then you might already know that Diablo IV comes with its own unique system for difficulty adjustment. This new system is called World Tiers, and it offers varying levels of difficulty as you navigate through Hell, defeating enemies and collecting rewards.

So, what exactly is World Tiers in Diablo 4? Essentially, it’s the scaling difficulty system in the game. With each World Tier that you progress to, the strength of enemies in the game increases while offering greater rewards for defeating them. Currently, there are at least four World Tiers that you can choose from in the game. However, only two of them were available during the beta events, while the others were locked. The requirements to unlock them could not be met in the beta events.

To change the World Tier, you have two options. Either click the Change World Tier button from the main menu before logging in to a character, or find a World Tier Statue in any major city within the game. These statutes appear as an angel icon on your game map. To give you an idea of how the difficulty varies between each World Tier, check out these examples:

World Tier 1 – Adventurer: This is the initial level of difficulty available from the start of the game. This difficulty is designed for beginners to Diablo or those wanting a light challenge with enemies being easy to defeat and their drops being average. It is recommended for players between levels 1-50.

World Tier 2 – Veteran: Compared to the first World Tier, Veteran is recommended for experienced Diablo players who want to be tested. Enemies are more challenging but have a 20% increase in the amount of experience gained and monsters drop 15% more gold. Despite being a more challenging World Tier, it is also available from the start and intended for players level 1-50.

World Tier 3 – Nightmare: For this difficulty level, players must complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon in Kyovashad while on Veteran difficulty. This difficulty level ranges from levels 50-70. Nightmare has more formidable enemies with players gaining a bonus experience of 100% while their non-physical resistances are reduced by 20%. Sacred and unique items now have a low chance of dropping, and Nightmare Sigils which unseal Nightmare Dungeons can now drop. Helltides and Champion monsters with damage resistance auras can now spawn.

World Tier 4 – Torment: This difficulty level is unlocked by completing the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon in the Dry Steppes on Nightmare difficulty and is designed for players who are level 70 or higher. Torment has some unique changes, with players gaining a 200% bonus experience while their non-physical resistances being reduced by 40%. The enemies are also a lot more fearsome, and the game offers Ancestral items and new Unique items that now have a low chance of dropping.

So those are the current World Tiers available in Diablo 4. If more are added with the final release, we’ll be sure to update you. Which World Tier would you prefer to start with? Are you looking forward to the Diablo 4 release? Let us know in the comment section below.

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