Blizzard Entertainment has recently announced that Diablo Immortal, sister title to the highly-anticipated Diablo 4, will be receiving a crossover update that will connect the two action RPG games. As part of this update, a new Diablo Immortal class will be introduced in July, and dataminers have discovered that it might be the Blood Knight, a warrior character that perfectly matches the theme and aesthetics of Diablo 4.

Described by Blizzard as a “monstrous new class” that “bleeds new blood into the Diablo universe,” the new character may not be entirely new after all but an old nemesis that players of the original Diablo game will remember. Blog speculations have pointed towards the Blood Knight, the final knight class enemies encountered in the first game that are known to be immune to practically everything magical, making them formidable opponents. They are sword and shield wielders but could possibly use spears or polearms in Diablo Immortal, as hinted in some of the uncovered artwork.

The discovery of the possible Blood Knight class comes from a recent datamine by DataMineARPG, which showcased some artwork featuring a heroine standing atop an altar in a bloodstained chapel, wielding what looks like a polearm while demons swarm towards her. This strays from the typical sword and shield fantasy, but it adds a unique aspect to the new class.

It’s worth noting that Blood Knights are not entirely new, but bringing them back and incorporating them into the Diablo Immortal gameplay would provide a fresh perspective on the lore and story of the game. With the Diablo 4 crossover update on the way, players can explore the immersive world of Diablo with new exciting possibilities.

Overall, fans of the series can be eager to experience the Blood Knight and the upcoming Diablo Immortal class. This crossover is a great way for players to explore the world of Diablo further, as well as providing an exciting lead up to the release of Diablo 4.

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