Diablo IV is returning for its final beta run before its release on June 6th, which has been aptly named the ‘Server Slam’. For any keen dungeon delver wanting to get their hands on the game’s updated beta content, it is available for 48 hours from Friday, May 12th to Sunday, May 14th. Moreover, the beta will be a stress test for the developers’ server setup, with Blizzard looking to seek improvements by ensuring how it performs under load. Those participating will encounter login queues and crashes during the period as it is a stress test and not your regular beta run.

It is an open beta. Thus, there is no need to pre-order the game; furthermore, anyone who has a Battle.net account can easily sign-in. For those who haven’t made an account yet, you can do so on Blizzard’s official website. Gamers across the world will have an opportunity to play the beta contents. Every region has its own specific time for the beta to commence. For example, players in Western Europe can begin the beta at 9pm CEST, East Coast players can start playing at 3 pm EDT, and the Beta will be available at 4am JST on Saturday 13th in Japan.

The “Server Slam” beta offers a similar experience to what one might have experienced during the previous Open Beta. However, there are several updates that players will notice. There have been significant changes to the dungeons, making them optimized and less repetitive, as well as improving boss difficulty levels and dungeon event rates. Additionally, many classes have undergone a lot of buffs and tweaks. Further, the beta offers up to 5 classes that can be used – Sorcerer, Necromancer, Rogue, Barbarian, and Druid. Players can explore the Fractured Peaks zone and participate in a slew of co-op options, including 2-player couch co-op and up to 4-player online co-op.

During the beta period, players will have an opportunity to earn rewards that can be used later in the full game. One can earn the Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item and the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy by reaching level 20 with one character and defeating Ashava with a 20th level character, respectively. Players who reach the Kyovashad with one character will earn the Initial Casualty Title, and those who have reached level 20 with one character will earn the Early Voyager Title. Although, there will be no opportunity to carry over progress made in the beta to the full game.

All in all, this brief server slam beta run presents itself as a perfect opportunity for Diablo fans to experience the game before its official release, while also offering them an opportunity to earn in-game rewards. As the excitement around the anticipation for the game grows, it is an opportunity one should not miss.

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