Do You Prefer Diablo IV’s Darker Tone? – TA Poll

Do You Prefer Diablo IV’s Darker Tone? – TA Poll

The long-awaited launch of Diablo 4 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is finally just around the corner, and fans of the popular dungeon-crawling RPG franchise are eager to get their hands on the latest installment of the game. Meanwhile, gamers who participated in the two open betas are still divided on whether they prefer Diablo IV’s darker tone, compared to the lighter visuals of Diablo III.

For this week’s TA poll, we are exploring this subject in more detail and asking one simple question: Do you prefer Diablo IV’s darker tone?


  • Select yes, no or I don’t mind from the poll below.
  • Comment your reasons for your vote, which will appear after you submit your response.


More about Diablo IV:

  • Blizzard has returned to Diablo’s darker roots with Diablo IV, moving away from the lighter tone of Diablo III.
  • The game is set to launch on June 6th, 2022, on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.
  • The two open betas provided plenty of opportunities to test out gameplay and join other players in fighting off Lilith’s minions.
  • Post-launch content will be available through battle passes, and servers for Diablo IV beta tests have reopened with rewards available to players.
  • In Diablo IV, players will face a pinnacle boss encounter, but it is not designed for long-term play.

So, have your say and vote now! Let’s see whether the community prefers Diablo IV’s new darker tone.


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