The highly-anticipated Diablo IV is set for a full release soon, and avid gamers know all too well how important it is to monitor their PC’s performance during gameplay. As fans eagerly await the game’s official release, they reason out that checking FPS levels is vital to ensuring optimal performance. In previous version beta releases, checking the frame rate required using graphics card software. But in the latest Server Slam beta and upcoming full release, players can conveniently check FPS with a simple keyboard shortcut.

To display the FPS counter in Diablo IV, gamers can press CTRL + R simultaneously, and the frame rate will appear on the bottom-left corner of the screen. This new feature is the easiest method to check your gaming performance, and it also means you no longer have to navigate through complicated menus to check your performance statistics. You can use the menu to view your performance stats constantly or glance at it quickly when the need arises. You can use the keyboard shortcut again to display your latency counter or turn off the setting entirely.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently exclusive to the PC version of the game. Console gamers may have to miss out on the feature in checking their gaming performance. With the easy method of checking frame rates in Diablo IV for the PC, gamers will undoubtedly enjoy better and smoother gameplay with the peace of mind that their performance is optimum.

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