For devout fans of the Diablo series, a sacred place of worship has finally been established. Diablo 4, the upcoming installment in the game series, is setting up the Cathedral of Diablo. This amazing promotional exhibit is found within the Chapelle des Jésuites, located in Place du Saint-Sépulcre, Cambrai, France from May 6 – June 11. The exhibit is considered a replacement of the cathedral, which has not been in use for a while now. This impressive spectacle entirely focuses on the paintings that tell “the hero’s journey in their confrontation with Lilith”. The team behind this project is led by the game’s art director, John Mueller, and Adam Miller, an artist. They have worked on the vast canvas paintings that form the centerpiece of the exhibit and cover 2,400 square feet. These paintings portray characters and events from Diablo 4, painted in the gothic style that is characteristic of the series.

The paintings are installed on the cathedral’s roof in the fashion of The Sistine Chapel with stunning art that depicts events of the upcoming game. For the team to achieve this feat of creating all these paintings in such a short period is something to applaud, as they have decorated and transformed the deconsecrated cathedral in a month. It is fascinating to think that Tyrael, from Diablo, who could always paint, would have been impressed with the grandeur and beauty of the paintings.

Many fans of the series believe Diablo 4 artfully rectifies the underwhelming Diablo 3 that strayed from the series’ trademark qualities. Though the hype for the game has not waned, the developers are still working on elements that fans are skeptical about. Therefore, taking this promotional campaign one step further will undoubtedly be a moment that excited fans, and for the first time, the establishment of a chapel for Diablo fans is the perfect touch.

The actual Diablo 4 location in the game series is also a setting of great interest and inspiration, allowing the game’s creators to bring out their gothic and creepy influences. The game’s lore is vast, even with only four games out, and the creators always seem to find a way to continue building upon the established story and introducing new characters in each installment smoothly.

To tell a story that entices the players, the Diablo senior manager of lore, Sean Copeland stated that there is a need to avoid being ‘lore police,’ which usually does not help the creative process. The idea is to provide guidance to inspire the writers to create their stories, as they attempt to tell cool stories inspired by Diablo’s world.

The promotional exhibit is an opportunity to pay homage to the game series for the game’s enthusiasts and first-time players who may walk in and explore the exhibition. The Chapel of Diablo provides a creative and unique atmosphere for gaming campaigns and promotions, thus making this game series a great interactive work of art.

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