Guide: Which class should you pick in Diablo 4?

Choosing the right class to begin with in Diablo 4 can be an intimidating task, especially for new players. There is no explicit overview of how each class plays, no trial option, and no provision to switch classes once you have started. However, some classes work for any skill level and make it easier to navigate through hell, such as Necromancer, Sorcerer, and Rogue.

Which class to start with in Diablo 4?

If you want the smoothest run possible, we recommend picking the Necromancer, Sorcerer, or Rogue. For Diablo newcomers, the Necromancer or Sorcerer is ideal. Both classes possess a mix of ranged and melee attacks, along with some powerful passives that aid with challenges in solo and multiplayer battles. The Rogue is also a strong class, but it requires more tactics. However, they don’t reach their full potential until the higher-tier Agility and Subterfuge skills unlock.

Necromancer Pros

The Necromancer is an excellent choice for everyone, particularly newcomers who are still figuring out how Diablo functions. Their unique skill is “summoning the dead.” You raise and manage up to four skeletons at any time by interacting with corpses of fallen enemies. The skeletons attack enemies automatically, and you can learn other skills to improve their damage and behavior. The fifth summon is a skeletal mage who boosts your attack for some time. Enemies target your skeletons, decreasing the likelihood of being overwhelmed. The Necromancer’s other skills comprise a range of strong bone-based attacks that can attack multiple foes and even trap them momentarily. Although the best skills are shadow magic to debuff foes and blood magic to make enemies explode, you have the freedom to experiment with others.

Necromancer Cons

The Necromancer has low defense and no movement skills, so if the enemy mob breaks through your skeletons, you may suffer extensive damage. However, Bone Prison and passives that detonate enemies make this circumstance easier to deal with.

Sorcerer Pros

The Sorcerer is, during the current beta, the most potent class you can select and the easiest to learn. They have various strong spells at their disposal, most of which affect enemies secondary, and a potent basic attack that even enables them to break through crowded mobs. As Sorcerer masters their craft, they can learn extremely potent abilities that inflict heavy damage across a broad area, making them excellent for handling tough mobs and even bosses. Ensure your build has some variation, so you don’t get stuck against enemies with elemental resistances.

Sorcerer Cons

The only genuine disadvantage for the Sorcerer is its heavy dependence on mana. Core and higher tier skills require significant mana, meaning you need to cast carefully and supplement with basic attacks to recover it. However, some passives assist with mana management as well, making this drawback less of a problem.

What about Barbarian and Druid?

The remaining two classes are in a slightly odd spot. Barbarians have some potent melee skills, but approximately half of their kit centers on buffs for themselves and nearby allies. That leaves you with only some offensive skills, all of which necessitate high Fury – mana for Barbarians – to use. The result is a slightly unsatisfying loop of basic attacks interrupted by occasional potent skills. On the other hand, the Druid is a strange class. The Druid has a mix of magic and melee, but none of their skills are powerful. Wind magic is erratic, lightning magic is underpowered, and the were-animal transformations are more like inferior versions of Barbarian attacks than helpful abilities. Due to a lack of potent skills, Druids struggle against bosses. Therefore, if you decide to choose this class, ensure someone accompanies you. If you’re looking for tips on what skills to select for your Diablo 4 hero, refer to our Rogue build, and Sorcerer build guides

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