All Altar of Lilith locations in Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4

Finding Altars of Lilith grants you Renown

One way to gain Renown in Diablo 4 is to find all of the Altars of Lilith scattered around the map. In the Diablo 4 beta, there are a total of 28 to find with each shrine giving all of your characters a permanent buff. At the beginning of the game, you can find one altar, but the rest of the altars won’t appear until you make it to Kyovashad, the large city located in the center of the Fractured Peaks.

What do the Altars of Lilith do?

The first time you discover an Altar of Lilith in a realm, all of the characters on that realm will receive one of the following buffs:

  • Base attribute increased by two
  • Maximum capacity of Murmuring Obols increased by five

Each time you unlock an Altar of Lilith, you’ll also gain 10 Renown. You can gain Renown by discovering areas, completing side quests, and collecting a variety of challenges. Once you reach
certain Renown milestones in a region like the Fractured Peaks, you’ll be able to collect rewards such as bonus experience, gold, skill points, and paragon points.

All Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith locations — Fractured Peaks

There are 28 Altars of Lilith in Fractured Peaks, the primary area for the Diablo 4 beta. You’ll be able to find the first Altar of Lilith on your way to Kyovashad, but the rest of shrines
won’t spawn until you make it to the city. To see where all of the shrines are located, check out the annotated map below.

altars of lilith

Or, if you’d like a close-up image of the Altars of Lilith, check out the images below.

  1. Desolate Highlands — Icehowl Taiga
  2. Desolate Highlands — Eastern Pass
  3. Desolate Highlands — Father’s Cross
  4. Dobrev Taiga — Southeast Foothills
  5. Dobrev Taiga — Shadow Trail
  6. Drobrev Taiga — Western Tunnels
  7. Gale Valley — Trekker’s Nook<

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