Your final chance to obtain exclusive Diablo 4 launch rewards is here with the start of the Server Slam event. This final beta event will last through this weekend and lets players progress through Act I of the game. You will also be able to level all five classes to level 20 and take on the pinnacle challenge of the beta: defeating the world boss Ashava. While three of the four rewards are the same as previous betas, you can also obtain the new Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy. All four rewards are accessible on all characters once unlocked, and transfer to the retail release of the game. Read on to find out how to get all the Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards.

How to get the Initial Casualty title in Diablo 4

The first of the four rewards is also the easiest one to get. In fact, keeping the game aside for just a few minutes won’t stop you from getting this title. Enter the gates of Kyovashad, which is the capital of the town after crossing the Prologue, and you will unlock the Initial Casualty title. Along with that, grab the waypoint and accept all the quests that come your way before continuing into the Fractured Peaks.

Earn the Early Voyager title and Beta Wolf Pack in Diablo 4

Both of these rewards unlock by obtaining the same achievement: reaching the level cap of 20. This differs from the previous beta events that had a maximum level of 25. The best way to level up to 20 is to simply progress through Act I of the game. Complete every quest that comes your way and trek through each dungeon you find. Reaching level 20 should hardly take a few hours and won’t require any extra mob grinding. Just work on the quests and dungeons in the first act to get there.

Once you hit level 20, you will unlock the Early Voyager title, which comes with a Beta Wolf pack – a backpack with cosmetic wolf hide.

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How to obtain the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy in Diablo 4

The final reward of the Server Slam beta event is the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy. The Mount Trophy is exclusive to this beta event, unlike the other rewards. You need to hit level 20 and defeat the world boss Ashava to obtain this beautiful steed. You can find Ashava the Pestilent at the easternmost part of the Fractured Peaks in an area called The Crucible. When Ashava spawns, you will get a tooltip popup that marks her location on your map.

Previously Ashava only spawned a few times, so it was challenging to make sure you were in the game and able to track her down when she appeared. Fortunately, Blizzard made it easy this time. Ashava will spawn every three hours starting at 12PM EST on Saturday, May 13. This means you will have nine chances to take her down and obtain the mount before the beta event ends. With all these rewards in your inventory, you will now have two titles, a cosmetic backpack, and a mount to show off next month when the game releases.


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