How to Play Diablo 4 in Couch Co-op Split Screen

The open beta for Diablo 4 was the most significant in the franchise’s history, and it is clear that it was a huge success. One of the appealing multiplayer features that the game has is couch co-op. This guide will show you how to enjoy Diablo 4 with your friends in split-screen mode on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Is there Couch Co-op in Diablo 4 on PC?

No, Diablo 4 doesn’t have a split-screen couch co-op mode on PC. The feature is exclusive to consoles (Xbox and PlayStation), even though you could play the game with a controller on a PC as well. The reason for this is due to technical issues as it is more challenging to sign in to two accounts on PC.

How to Play Diablo 4 in Couch Co-op with Friends

Follow these steps to activate couch co-op in Diablo 4 on Xbox and PlayStation:

  1. Launch Diablo 4 on your console and activate the first player’s controller.
  2. Turn on the second player’s Xbox/PlayStation controller.
  3. A prompt will appear in the bottom right section of the screen saying P2 is connected.
  4. Press the button you’re asked to press in the prompt.
  5. The second player has to log in with their Xbox/PlayStation account that is linked to Blizzard.
  6. Wait for the loading to finish, and the second player should get an option to select their character from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  7. Select the character, and Player 2 will finally join your world.

Blizzard handed out bonus XP to players in couch co-op modes to promote it during the open beta and early access stages. Based on feedback, the developers may make some changes before the official release.

Is Couch Co-op in Diablo 4 Different than Diablo 3?

Yes, the couch co-op mode in Diablo 4 is distinct, with some major changes:

  • The maximum number of players is now two instead of four.
  • Both players in the co-op world have independent menus.
  • Both players can visit different merchants simultaneously.

The couch co-op experience in Diablo 4 will be more efficient compared to the previous games, with independent menus, which will save time sorting inventory and carrying out tasks together.

Diablo 4 is the fourth main instalment in the action RPG series. Despite not having a couch co-op mode on PC, Diablo 4 consoles have this mode, which players will enjoy. As always, Blizzard continues to improve the game, and we’ll keep you updated on any new developments relating to local multiplayer co-op mode in Diablo 4 and other gaming guides for 2023’s biggest releases such as Redfall, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and Dead Island 2.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment


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