Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the official launch of Diablo IV on June 5th, 2023, and gamers worldwide are invited to join the festivities. To make this event more engaging and exciting, the company is offering Twitch Drops for a period of four weeks. Anyone with a Twitch account can link it to the account and start watching eligible content creators who are part of the Support a Streamer program. Viewers who gift at least two Twitch subscriptions of any tier to eligible streamers will earn the Primal Instinct Mount as a reward.

The Twitch Drops will be available each week, beginning with Rogue and Necromancer during the first week. The Azurehand Back-Stabber Dagger and Azurehand Heart-Piercer Sword Weapon Recolors will be available for those who watch eligible Diablo IV content for at least three hours during that time frame. By reaching six hours of streaming, gamers will earn the Matron-Sigil Coffer (Rogue) and Progenitor Favor (Necromancer) Back Trophy.

Week two will feature the Sorcerer, who will offer the Azurehand Spell-Slinger Wand Weapon Recolor to those who watch eligible content for at least three hours, and the Hellrune Tabernacle Back Trophy for those who maintain their viewing for six hours in total. Then, in week three, Druid’s Azurehand Head-Cleaver Weapon Recolor and Font of the Mother Back Trophy can be earned in the same fashion. Lastly, during week four, the Barbarian’s Azurehand Skull-Crusher and Matriarch’s Mantle Back Trophy will be up for grabs.

The company has also made it possible for gamers to show their support for eligible Diablo IV creators by gifting their channel two Twitch subscriptions of any tier, which will earn them a rugged Primal Instinct Mount as a reward. The prizes are generous, and it’s easy to take part. But it’s essential to keep in mind that after watching any eligible streamer for three hours, viewers must claim the corresponding reward before gaining progress towards the next prize.

Anyone can participate in this event, whether they own Diablo IV or not. Those who link their accounts to Twitch and watch eligible content for the prescribed time will be awarded the aforementioned rewards. Additionally, viewers must ensure they are watching content creators who are eligible for these Twitch drops because not all channels are eligible.

Blizzard Entertainment has released an FAQ section on its website that provides detailed information on how to link accounts, how to watch eligible content, and how to claim rewards. The Twitch Drops will be available in most regions except for China, Russia, and Belarus.

Overall, this is an excellent opportunity for players to participate in this event and earn some fantastic rewards. Fans of Diablo IV should make sure to tune in and watch eligible content creators to participate in this four-week long thrill ride!

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