Want early access to Diablo 4? Your best bet might be a chocolate shop in London (yes, really)

By Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor

You’d think chocolate would melt in hell, but as it happens a little chocolate shop might be your key to playing Diablo 4 early.

If you’re local to London and have a couple of spare hours coming up, you may well be about to find out what a “terrifying 18+ immersive ‘goremet’ demon chocolate emporium” looks like. A new quirky cocoa-based installation is opening in central London on Saturday, June 3, from 11am – 7pm and Sunday, June 4, from midday – 5pm, to celebrate the launch of Diablo 4.

Dubbed “Lilith & Co.” as a nod to the game’s iconic big bad, the publicity stunt is sold as “a deliciously wicked chocolate shop”. It fuses the dark magic of the game with the dark chocolate of trained sculptor and chocolatier Sarah Hardy.

Hardy, a veteran of The Edible Museum, has created astonishing chocolate sculptures, including large-scale Diablo characters, weaponry, and iconography that guests may feel are courtesy of the Diablo homeland of Sanctuary, albeit with some sort of chocolate transmogrification effect. You may even want to pick up “life-sized chocolate human skulls and femur bones,” or maybe you’ll fancy something more profane and forbidden – something like Demon Hearts or chocolate runes.

Fittingly, prices start at £6.66, and 100% of sales will go to benefit SpecialEffect, a gaming charity that transforms the lives of people with physical challenges.

The emporium is only the beginning of the horror that lies in store as attendees will also have access to a secret room where the true evil of Diablo IV comes to life, teases a press release. As guests venture deeper into the bowels of the emporium, they will discover the dedicated gaming area in the stock room where those attending can play Diablo IV before its official release, thrusting players into the game’s world.

The only catch? You must be 18+ to enter, and you must attend Lilith & Co.

  • Where: Lilith & Co., 15 Bateman Street, London, W1D 3AQ
  • When: Saturday, June 3 (11am – 7pm) and Sunday, June 4 (midday – 5pm)

I’m heading to the experience myself to let you know what’s happening at this peculiar launch and will keep you informed.

Diablo 4 will be available on Windows PC, Xbox, and PlayStation from June 6, 2023.


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