Secretlab has once again partnered with a major gaming franchise to create a themed gaming chair specifically catered to the loyal following of Diablo 4. The brand, which has created several successful gaming chairs in collaboration with various games, movies, and other media, including Star Wars, God of War, and World of Warcraft, has taken their creation to a new level this time around. In a recent clip from Secretlab, the brand teased a brand new product with a gruesome design inspired by Lilith, the Mother of Sanctuary in the much anticipated Diablo 4 game.

The brief clip from Secretlab made it clear that the gaming chair appears to be a tribute to Diablo 4’s central antagonist Lilith. The chair design seems to mimic Lilith’s blood-soaked appearance in the “By Three They Come” announcement cinematic for Diablo 4. The highly detailed chair is set to be released on May 23. According to the early clip, Secretlab may also be teaming up with Diablo 4 to create another chair themed after Inarius, the Father of Sanctuary.

Secretlab is known for creating high-quality, ergonomic, adjustable, and durable chairs at reasonable prices. The cost for this new gaming chair from Secretlab has not been announced yet, but fans should expect it to be around $500 to $600. The release of Diablo 4 will be on June 6 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Fans are excited and can’t wait to see the final reveal of the Secretlab gaming chair and look forward to playing the upcoming game in style.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to purchase a highly detailed, impeccably designed chair that’s sure to provide hours of gruelling gaming pleasure. Grab one while supplies last and get ready to embark on your journey in the digital world of Sanctuary in true comfort and style!

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