The Diablo 4 Necromancer class offers players the ability to summon and command an army of undead, as well as casting powerful spells and curses. Here are two Necromancer builds you can try out and shape to your playstyle.

The Corpse Explosion Build

If you prefer to sit back and let your undead army do the work, this build is perfect for you. With this build, you can focus heavily on leading your army of summoned undead while creating loads of exploding corpses. Unlock “Decompose,” and you’ll tear the flesh from an enemy and generate usable corpses, which you can then detonate with “Corpse Explosion” to deal high damage to surrounding enemies. For some all-encompassing damage, you can unlock “Blight,” allowing you to unleash concentrated blight that leaves behind a defiled area, dealing damage over time. This build uses the Necromancer’s unique Book of the Dead ability to summon skeletal warriors, skeleton mages, and a golem to aid you in battle.

The Bloody Hard to Kill Build

You can also choose to sacrifice your summons to gain buffs that will increase your Necromancer’s survivability. With this build, Skeleton Warriors and Mages will be dropped to gain buffs that increase survivability as you fight enemies up close. Blood Orb-generating attacks and self-healing abilities will keep you alive, while plenty of Overpower attack opportunities will deal lots of damage. “Hemorrhage” piles damage on a single enemy and has a chance to form a Blood Orb. The Blood Surge skill deals low damage when you draw blood from enemies, but expels a Blood Nova, dealing higher damage. It also Heals you for 2.5% of your Maximum Life when drawing blood from enemies. If 4 or more enemies are drawn, you heal for an additional 2.5% of your Maximum Life.

Whether you’re raising an army of skeletons or draining enemies of their blood, you can tailor your Necromancer build to fit your playstyle. With plenty of spells and buffs to choose from, you are sure to create a unique character with its own strategy. So summon and command your army with these Necromancer builds.

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