Attention all gamers! The highly-anticipated game, Diablo 4, may not be released yet, but we have great news for you. Torchlight Infinite, a new free-to-play action role-playing game, has just been launched today for mobile devices and PC, much to the excitement of gamers around the world.

The game has been in Early Access for almost seven months and is finally out of beta. Torchlight Infinite is the latest addition to the popular Torchlight series and promises more thrilling adventures, monsters, and plenty of loot.

What’s more, a new season called Cube of Rapacity has started with the game’s official release. The season brings new monsters known as Malice Incarnations that drop Desire Crystals when defeated. Players can exchange these crystals for valuable rewards such as weapons, armor, and other items. Additionally, players can collect Desire Cores to summon the seasonal boss, The Law Bearer.

For those unfamiliar with the Torchlight series, it is an award-winning RPG game series designed by Runic Games. The game features exciting gameplay and compelling graphics, combining elements of fast-paced action with exploration of a vast world filled with hidden treasures and secrets.

The game is highly customizable, allowing players to choose their characters, weapons, pets, and each one’s special abilities, creating a unique experience for each player. The game also offers online multiplayer, so players can team up with friends to complete quests and share the loot.

Torchlight Infinite is an exciting game developed to offer players the ultimate gaming experience. With the Ease of Access and free-to-play, gamers can enjoy the game without spending a dime. Don’t wait for Diablo 4; download Torchlight Infinite now and experience epic adventures.