Diablo 4 enthusiasts and collectors, listen up! Wudijo, the popular Diablo content creator and partner, recently unveiled the contents of the sought-after Diablo 4 Collector’s Edition in a thrilling unboxing video on YouTube. The Collector’s Edition is packed with goodies that will surely excite fans of the franchise.

One of the highlights of the Collector’s Edition is the stunning Diablo 4 art book. It features concept art, illustrations, and other exclusive artwork from the game’s development. When Wudijo opened the art book, it was visibly impressive, but they were understandably careful not to expose any spoilers.

Another exciting item included in the Collector’s Edition is the electric Candle of Creation. The candle not only functions as a decorative piece, but it also lights up when turned on. Additionally, the package comes with a cloth map of Sanctuary, an “occult”-themed mouse pad, and a Horadrim pin.

In addition to those items, there are two matted fine art prints, which come in a protective sleeve. These levels of attention to detail truly illustrate the quality and caliber of the merchandise that fans can expect from Blizzard.

It’s worth noting that the Diablo 4 Collector’s Edition is being sold for roughly £100/$100/€90, which does not include the game itself. With a release date set for June 6th on PC and current- and last-gen consoles, gamers will need to purchase the game separately.

Blizzard recently confirmed the final Diablo 4 PC system requirements, so enthusiasts can double-check that their systems will handle the game’s “Server Slam” weekend, set to run from May 12th to 14th.

The Diablo 4 Collector’s Edition is a must-have for fans of the franchise and collectors alike, with its stunning art assets, prints, and inclusions of a unique theme lamp and “occult” mousepad.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on this exquisite collector’s item!

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