World of Warcraft is hosting a new event, Greedy Emissary, which kicked off on May 25th and will run through to June 14th, 2023, giving players the chance to score some Diablo-themed rewards. The crossover event, which marks Deathwing’s return to Azeroth, has players searching for troublesome treasure goblins, offering Diablo-themed cosmetics for rewards, including a new mount. WoW players can now wield Wirt’s Leg as a weapon, a critical item in unlocking the secret cow level in Diablo II. In addition, players can get the Tome of Town portal toy, a demonic goat pet named Baa’lial, and a range of rewards, including various cosmetics, such as Treasure Nabbin’ Bag back cosmetic, a hood and cloak ensemble, and most importantly, the Tyrael’s Charger mount. The mount, which marks the angels of Diablo, initially appeared as part of a World of Warcraft annual pass promotion, including a copy of Diablo III, before making its way to the in-game shop. This WoW event coincides with the launch of Diablo IV’s early access and will continue in Diablo Immortal, Blizzard’s mobile spin-off.

WoW players should also watch out for the Fall of Galakrond, the latest update in the game, which will take players back in time to witness the fall of the biggest dragon in Warcraft history. The new mega-dungeon will introduce a new type of DPS specialization for Evokers, which will be more focused on providing DPS buffs to teammates than dealing damage on their own.

The conclusion of the WoW event will kick off a 50% experience buff so players can make up for lost time post-Diablo IV’s launch. Blizzard recently revealed Diablo IV’s accessibility options, signaling its commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences while ensuring players do not miss out. If you love Diablo or WoW, then be sure to participate in the Greedy Emissary event and stand a chance to win some epic loot!

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