This month, a movie will be released telling the true account of an American black bear weighing 175 pounds who overdosed on $2 million worth of cocaine in 1985. To celebrate the launch of the film, Cocaine Bear has created a web game patterned after Pac-Man – in it, players have to collect drugs and eat random characters. It is important to remember: do not attempt to replicate this at home.

The more cocaine you consume, the swifter you can move, however you must come to an abrupt stop if you accidentally bump into an ambulance – the cocaine-bearing don’t have an affection for ambulances. It would be wise to make sure you’re remembering everything, in case you confront your own Pablo Escobear sometime. And, of course, if you want to get points to get the highest score, you’ve got to devour people.

Cocaine Bear is coming out soon on February 24, so use this time to achieve a record-breaking kill count! Don’t forget to grab the cocaine bags as they add a great speed increase to help you take down anyone who is running away in panic.

This game is quite basic-looking and has a vintage pixel appearance, but it is designed to play in the modern resolution of a mobile device, which enables it to run smoothly on your phone. As is the norm for web games, it is totally free to play – all that you need is the link to start. You are not given prizes for getting high scores, however, you can still show off your accomplishments to your friends and entice them to start playing.

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