Employees at Activision Blizzard reportedly have to return to their office buildings, as stated by certain members of the firm. Remote employment had been widely discussed ever since businesses were obliged to enable this option amid the pandemic. Staff members found it advantageous to be able to work at home since they were able to save the hours they would’ve spent travelling to and from the workplace, whereas corporations usually lamented about a reduction in productivity since there was nothing to stop workers from not working. This action could be a repercussion of Activision Blizzard being scolded for prohibiting employees from communicating information regarding misconduct, which awarded them a hefty $35 million punishment.

According to the recent financial results reported by Activision Blizzard, the company is doing well and they are hoping to sustain their progress and build upon it. Recently released games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 made the company roughly $1 billion within the first 10 days of the launch. Activision Blizzard still has major projects for the year for example Diablo 4 and a new full-priced Call of Duty game. Plus, there are ongoing problems with the Microsoft acquisition agreement that continue to spiral out of control.

An individual employee of Activision Blizzard, who was expressing their own views, said that the company had commanded the staff to come back to their workplace, which may be hard for those who have moved away and now have to move again. LeastMyHairIsOk disagreed with the notion that coming back would improve collaboration, calling it a flimsy excuse, and further intimated that either the leaders of the organization knew how disruptive this could be to employees, or that they lacked the ability to think it through properly.

This new development happens while the tech industry is going through widespread firings and can potentially be interpreted as a widespread discharge. Those employed by Activision Blizzard that have to go back to the office may have to move their families or themselves, leading to an extra cost in transportation and an effort of a more exhaustive journey that could be disadvantageous if the advantage of working in a physical office isn’t taken into account. It’s likely this transformation will bring about a lot of confusion, that could be the cause of delays for products like Diablo 4.

No statement has been made by Activision Blizzard concerning the issue. Speculation about the firm has been concentrated on the current Microsoft purchase agreement that has been obstructed by some supervision bodies. It is desired that good judgment will win out and the staff devoted to their careers at the company will be heard by the management. It is evident that the publicly listed Activision Blizzard has experienced positive monetary outcomes regardless of the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent mass movement of employees to their homes.

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