The clock is ticking, and with fewer than 24 hours until Rumbleverse is no more, this is your last chance to become the champion of Grapital City in Iron Galaxy’s wrestling battle royale. Don’t miss your opportunity to be immortalized in this beloved game and seize the title while you still can!

This morning, the official Rumbleverse Twitter account issued a stark reminder: the clock is ticking on the free-to-play game, with the servers set to go offline tomorrow, February 28th, at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET. Time is running out, and those who want to take part in the virtual world one last time must act quickly!

The end of an era is nigh as the clock ticks down to the last full day of unleashing into the world of Grapital City. As the sun fades away and the night draws near, the inhabitants of Rumbleverse will bid farewell as the servers are set to be shut down at 10 AM CT (4 PM UTC), tomorrow. A new dawn awaits, but for now, memories of the past remain. #Rumbleverse #GrapitalCity #Farewell #Memories

Last month, Iron Galaxy revealed that Rumbleverse would be ceasing operations after a mere six months. With refunds being extended to all those who had spent money on the battle royale title and the current battle pass being granted to all, Season 2 marked its final installment.

Rumbleverse, an ambitious endeavor from Iron Galaxy, was unveiled at The Game Awards 2021 and made available to the public on August 18, 2022. An attempt to revolutionize the battle royale genre, the game is available on a plethora of platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The anticipation surrounding the launch of Rumbleverse was palpable, and Iron Galaxy was eager to have their mark made on the industry.

The past few months have seen quite a few live-service games being taken offline or soon ceasing to exist. June will mark the final curtain call for Knockout City, while Babylon’s Fall will be no more tomorrow and Apex Legends Mobile will no longer be accessible from May 1. It’s a sad time for gamers.

As the live-service game industry’s precariousness begins to reveal itself, a multitude of titles are being left out in the cold, their fates sealed as they are unceremoniously snipped from the landscape. An abundance of games are now at risk of being cut short in the face of the impending bubble, their destinies no longer in their own hands.

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