A financial graph concerning Genshin Impact reveals that the current Dual Character Banners that include Hu Tao and Yelan have had really profitable results. These Limited Character Banners provide consumers a collection of limited individuals for around three to four weeks.

The HoYoverse team has implemented a double banner system in Genshin Impact so players now have the opportunity to acquire two five-star characters using the same banner cycle. This new mechanism also allows access to a five-star pity system and a selection of four-star characters.

A Reddit user named saksham6 shared a chart that displays the performance of the ongoing Yelan and Hu Tao double banner after three days. It is said they are currently in the second spot with a possible outcome of becoming the highest grossing banner. However, the data only accounts for iOS devices from China servers, so the actual number is greater. Many people were surprised to see it placed in the top two so quickly, especially due to Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato’s newly-broken revenue record.

The primary cause of the banner’s success likely stems from the fact that it provides two S-rank five-stars. Yelan is widely acknowledged to be one of the—if not the—best Hydro supports in the entire game owing to her ability to offer a lot of damage and elemental application even when she’s not active. Additionally, her vast versatility allows her to fit in any kind of team, including the commonly used Raiden National Squad.

Quite a few gamers avoided drawing Yelans banner in the past, since she was thought to be a stronger edition of Hydro four-star character Xingqiu. Yet, since then she has exhibited herself as one of the premier supports in Genshin Impact, with her own special approach to gaming, much like Hu Tao who is the second character on the banner.

Much buzz has been created about the Pyro polearm character, since her absence from the banners since November 2021. Notably, Hu Tao’s main function compared to Yelan is as the main damage-dealer, since she is able to put out an impressive amount of damage. Players must make sure to keep an eye on her health points to bring out her full capabilities.

Genshin Impact can now be downloaded and played on mobile devices, PCs, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5 game systems. A version of the game for Nintendo Switch is presently in the making.

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