We are only a few days away from the launch of Wild Hearts, EA and Koei Tecmo’s upcoming monster-capturing title. We’ve already picked up quite a bit of information on how this game works, from the open-ish zones to the captivating trap-setting karakuri, and naturally, the many monsters that you’re going to have to fight off as you protect Minato.

The newest story trailer revealed the largest and frightful monster, which is a gigantic bear. This bear is so immense that it is practically a moving mountain. It is impracticable to cut or pierce its hard surface with any kind of tool. It is projected that the only way to combat this hulking beast will be with bombs. In the trailer, it appears that the town’s soldiers have made mechanized catapults to bomb the bear mountain, and the protagonist will have to use a huge cannon.

No matter how difficult it may seem, there must be some solution to bring down this daunting creature. Luckily, Suzuran, the genius scientist in Minato, knows the historic robotics technology that allows one to fabricate a variety of objects, from flying gear to gigantic hammers to exploding mines. Maybe this knowledge can help them triumph against the adversary.

Elsewhere in the municipality, Natsume, the blacksmith, is the individual that you may go to for upgrading your equipment. Ujishige, a former warrior, will have to deal with his antecedent, and Seren is plausible the reliable town architect, although the film doesn’t make it definite what his role is with respect to shielding Minato.

We can ascertain that you will have to retake the skystring, which is achieved by overcoming Kemono. The shimmering green cord appears to come out of karakuri contraptions while they are being made, so it is probably linked somehow.

PCs and existing-generation gaming systems will be getting Wild Hearts on February 17.

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