Some onlookers of the Super Bowl halftime show noticed that Rihanna’s performance could’ve been taken straight from the video game Super Smash Bros. This led to a barrage of amusing tweets comparing Rihanna’s setup to the levels of the popular Nintendo game.

Super Smash Bros. is well-known for its popularity amongst gamers. The game is played from a singular perspective, with all players competing to be the last one standing. It has served as the go-to for game nights for friends, and has been the cause of arguments between siblings. This game has been the backbone of many childhoods, and viewers of the Super Bowl have noticed its strong resemblance to the halftime show.

Ever since Rihannas halftime performance was unveiled a few months ago, people have been eagerly waiting for it. But some viewers noticed that her stage had an uncanny resemblance to the levels in Super Smash Bros. There was evidence of video games in the Super Bowl, however, nobody thought that Rihanna would make it look like Kirby and Ness would soon be battling her. The show made a stir on Twitter and the correlations between the two topics are currently trending.

A few exceptionally witty Twitter users have already created some comedic edits to drive home their opinion. Super Smash Bros. is one of Nintendo’s more popular series, which gave some watchers the burst of inspiration they needed to produce some engaging internet material. These tweets have many people wondering if Rihanna really is a Smash Bros. fan. Although, it could just be a hilarious coincidence and only time will tell if she weighs in on it.

Among the multiple video games that have achieved success over the years, Super Smash Bros. stands as one of the most iconic Nintendo titles in gaming history. Even though the Rihanna halftime performance should not be overlooked, the resemblance between the Super Bowl showcase and the game is so remarkable that people have taken notice. It is unlikely that the comparisons were made deliberately, instead, online users have seized the opportunity to poke fun at the exuberant similarities.

The latest edition of Super Smash Bros. can now be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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