For years, Valve disregarded Team Fortress 2. Besides some special events, a few new maps, there was not a great deal of variation. It was dire enough for bots to overrun the game and push out genuine players as they promoted pornography websites, NFTs, and other unknown items.

Valve began to take action to address the concerns of Team Fortress 2 players in the last year. They put out various changes that largely stopped the epidemic of bots, as well as patched some of the errors and glitches that had been around since the game was first released over ten years prior. Now, just last month, a holiday-themed update was released featuring five maps selected from the Steam Workshop and an array of cosmetic items. Additionally, logging in would allow you to receive a complimentary gift.

Valve appears to be continuing its success into this year with its upcoming summer update.

Valve posted on what they refer to as a ‘blog’ and declared that the last several Team Fortress summer events were solely item updates. However, they are formulating a much larger resolution this year with items, maps, taunts, unusual features, war paints, and maybe even more. To make this happen, they asked for help with the Steam Workshop!

Valve is asking people to send ideas to the Steam Workshop in preparation for a summer-themed update for Team Fortress 2. There are currently no specific details about the update, so submissions could be anything related to summer. That being said, the update does not necessarily have to be steam-themed unless desired.

Valve has not yet announced the news via their official Team Fortress 2 social media channels, however Wario64 reposted it which prompted wide positive reactions from fans. Valve has indicated that any contributions to the Steam Workshop before May 1 will qualify for the summer update. It doesn’t have to be a summer-themed item for the Heavy, but it could be, and it should be.

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