Thanks to an update to the Pokemon GO game by Niantic, players are now able to bypass AR mapping quests as part of their special research tasks. All a player has to do to be eligible for these tasks is approach a Pokestop and survey the area with their device. This data Niantic collects from these AR scans helps to keep the maps updated and lets Niantic test more advanced augmented reality experiences like Pokemon interacting with the environment instead of just hovering above it.

Two years after Pokemon GO debuted in 2018, Niantic began using AR mapping and replaced Google Maps with OpenStreetMap. Its dissatisfaction with the mapping platform caused it to go as far as to enlist players to aid in creating its own 3D maps. Although players welcomed the chances to complete the quests, they were not thrilled about having to spend time traveling to Pokestops. This often led to tasks piling up in the queue, clogging potential enjoyment from the game.

Niantic declared in an announcement on Friday that players will only be receiving quests in the future if they provide scans of high quality. The trainers who keep giving low-grade AR scans will be deprived of the quests, thus giving more freedom to complete research tasks easily. To help with this, the team mentioned that a desirable scan must be in focus and the focus should remain centered on the Pokestop with the camera capturing the full 360 degrees.

Players with a cellphone that has a good enough camera who are Level 20 or above can do the AR mapping tasks, yet there is little enthusiasm to take part in doing them. Ever since Pokemon GO put in place the research tasks, peoples’ responses were largely negative because they were expected to stand in public places for an extended amount of time, strangely positioning their phone.

Players were thrilled with the announcement and shared their plans to take the quickest route by producing low-grade scans as often as they can in order to get taken off the list of trainers who are allowed to do AR scans in Pokemon GO.

It is now possible to experience Pokémon GO on a mobile device.

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