Recently, Twitch has removed the punishment it had instituted against streamer Viviana, sparking debate regarding their approach to managing content and behaviour. The company has a tough stance when it comes to abiding to their legal guidelines, sometimes resulting in legal action against even popular streamers. There has been criticism about the supposed injustice this has caused, but Twitch maintain that their policies are in place to uphold the security and safety of the platform.

The ban was issued as a consequence of Viviana making inappropriate remarks on racial issues to a spectator, leading to her being taken off the platform. Twitch has clear rules against this type of racial discrimination on their platform, and apparently Viviana’s remarks went against them.

In spite of the prohibition, Viviana’s enthusiasts still expressed their dedication for the streamer, with a lot of individuals utilizing social media to express their views concerning the matter. Certain supporters maintained that Twitch’s regulations were too strict and the constraint was unnecessary, while others thought that Viviana should have been more mindful with her language. After a few weeks, Twitch reversed the prohibition on Viviana, granting her the capacity to begin streaming on the platform once again. This conclusion was welcomed with great happiness from her admirers, who looked ahead to her comeback.

With the abolition of the ban, a dialogue about Twitch’s standards for content and conduct has been opened. Several viewers maintain that the platform’s directives are too tight-fisted and not uniformly imposed, leading to certain livestreamers receiving harsher punishments for identical offenses. Others maintain that the regulations are paramount in ensuring a secure and accepting atmosphere for all users. As Twitch proceeds to develop and modify its policies, it is highly probable that the gaming community is going to be exposed to more debates and discussions on these crucial matters.

Additionally, Viviana was prevented from accessing the NoPixel server for Grand Theft Auto 5 due to the issue at hand breaching the NoPixel regulations. It all started when she mocked someone’s race while streaming on Twitch. In addition, she was reported to have said on Twitter that reverse racism is not real, but the post has since been removed. Several people thought that a lifetime prohibition was too heavy of a punishment for her actions, while others felt she was in the wrong and deserved to be given consequences. There is no doubt that this has caused a major disturbance in the Grand Theft Auto RP community.

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