The news of Andrea Riseborough’s newfound stardom and her sudden Oscar nomination stirred discussion about whether her campaigning had complied with Academy requirements. She is up for Best Actress in a Leading Role for To Leslie, and soon after the Academy’s recognition of her, an inquiry began regarding their voting protocols and the movie’s social media promotive push. The dispute has reignited the subject of racial dominance as well.

Despite all the tumult and discussion surrounding race and privilege, Riseborough had been mostly quiet on the matter. But she recently decided to speak to The Hollywood Reporter about it, as reported by HuffPost.

It is obvious that this conversation needs to take place, and it is important that we address this issue. The state of affairs in the movie industry regarding availability of opportunities is unbelievably lopsided. Although I am aware that I cannot speak for everyone, this must be discussed.

Gina Prince-Blythewood and Viola Davis recently expressed their dissatisfaction with their all-Black movie Woman King being overlooked in the Oscar nominations. Riseborough alluded to the issue while referring to the controversy, however she remarked that others were more equipped to speak about it, though she was appreciative of the discussion that arose from it.

Riseborough earned an Oscar nomination with a great deal of help from celebrities like Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow. Despite expectations that Viola Davis and Danielle Deadwyler were practically guaranteed to be nominated for their performances in Woman King and Till, Deadwyler was not, leading her to allege an underlying prejudice against black women was to blame, which she called “misogynoir”.

Davis utilized Instagram on the day of the declaration and characterized allyship as offering active help for a socially deprived gathering. The star of Woman King even referred to a pressing activity, though she didn’t explicitly feature the To Leslie effort which has been alluded to as grassroots by the media. Prince-Blythewood, the manager of Woman King, commented, “The Academy sent an exceptionally striking proclamation…so I chose to stand up for dark ladies whose work has been overlooked prior, is ignored now…also, for the individuals who have not gotten an opportunity to be on a set yet.”

Riseborough commented on the controversy surrounding her Oscar nomination, saying she is in the process of understanding what the nomination means for her and the others around her. Michelle Yeoh, another nominee, defended Riseborough when speaking to BBC Radio 4 by wishing they could all receive the award and noting that it’s been a 40-year journey for her. Yeoh further pointed out that stories have more importance than awards would have. Although Riseborough and Leslie have put forth notable efforts in their pursuit of an Oscar nod, it is a difficult pill for the new star to swallow, both due to the implications should she win, and it could be among the most disputed Oscar wins ever.

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