Rebel Wilson has lost nearly 80 pounds and has been following a healthier lifestyle for the past three years. If she was still filming Pitch Perfect, this journey would not have been possible as the comedian shared that she was not allowed to shed more than 10 pounds while shooting the sequel. Wilson admitted that this directive was set out in the terms of her contract for the movie series.

The actress had no misgivings about her participation in the movie, she had a great time shooting it, and it boosted her notoriety. Being a part of The Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect solidified her place in the film industry. Additionally, she didn’t mind when the movie comedicly poked fun at her physical size, and her self-esteem wasn’t wounded.

On the podcast Call Her Daddy, as reported by Insider, the actress shared that due to her contract with Pitch Perfect, she was not allowed to drastically change her weight. She stated,

“I couldn’t lose a large amount of weight since I had a contract for the movie. You know, I’m not supposed to gain or lose more than 10 pounds. It’s one of the clauses in the contract.”

The actress shed pounds by sticking to high protein foods and reducing her portion sizes. She has also begun to use healthier culinary alternatives. She voiced, “I’m striving for a general balance of health. I heard the phrase, ‘Nothing is off-limits’. For example, when someone might suggest In-N-Out Burger, I reply with the same saying – ‘Nothing is off-limits’. I may still go there, yet I’ll only have half of what I was eating previously. This way I feel alright afterwards.”

Rather than aiming to slim down for reasons of vanity, the actress simply desired to experience a more straightforward journey towards getting pregnant. Moreover, the actress also aspired to receive more varied film roles other than being stereotyped as the humorous plus-sized sidekick.

Ultimately, it was her visit to a fertility doctor that was the impetus for her to lose weight. She told Womens Health Magazine, “Meeting the fertility doctor and him telling me that my chances of getting pregnant would be much higher if I were in better shape was a big wakeup call. It provoked a big change in me, since I had been living an awfully indulgent lifestyle.”

She kept talking, pointing out that it’s hard for her to always play a large, humorous role because she enjoys it, but that she’d like to get away from being forced into bigger parts due to her size.

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