Recent research has found that the prevalence of mental health illnesses among the youth is increasing at an alarming rate. The study was conducted on 3,000 young people aged between 14 to 24 in the UK and found that 1 in 4 young people reported some type of mental health problem.

The research highlighted that the most common mental health problems reported were depression and anxiety, with almost two-thirds of those reporting issues stating that they suffered from symptoms of these conditions. Other problems highlighted included eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, although these were reported less frequently.

The study also revealed that the long-term effects of mental health issues on young people can be severe, with those suffering from mental health problems around 50% more likely to experience difficulties in relationships and almost 50% more likely to have problems at work or in education.

It was suggested that the increasing use of social media and online networks has made young people more vulnerable to mental health problems, and the stigma associated with mental health was also identified as a contributing factor.

Experts have called for more support for young people suffering from mental health issues, including the provision of counseling and support services in schools and colleges. The government has also been urged to increase investment in mental health services for young people to ensure that those suffering from mental health issues receive the help they need.

The findings of the research serve as a stark reminder of the need to take mental health issues amongst young people seriously and to provide the necessary support and resources to help manage these conditions.


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