Console controllers have improved a lot over the years but are still no match for a mouse and keyboard. Thankfully, these PS5 games support both.

When gaming first began to leave arcades, home consoles dominated the video game industry. As computer components became more accessible and advanced, though, the PC started to overshadow consoles in terms of graphics and versatility. In particular, computers quickly became the go-to gaming platform for shooter games since the mouse and keyboard offered more accurate aiming and quicker reaction times. To their credit, console controllers have greatly improved, but they are still no match for a mouse and keyboard. That’s why most console gamers will avoid playing against a PC player, even if the game supports crossplay. Fortunately for PlayStation 5 players, some games support a mouse and keyboard, allowing for easier gameplay or giving them an advantage over their controller-using peers.

10 The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that needs no introduction. It got over a rough launch to become a riveting gaming experience that would definitely benefit from the precision and ease of use that comes with using a keyboard and mouse.

With a keyboard, players can use shortcuts to interact with the game’s menus, while the mouse makes it easy to select anyone or anything in the virtual world while also issuing commands more efficiently to their Sims. The game’s complex building and customization mechanics are also much easier to use with a mouse, allowing players to create and customize their Sims’ homes with greater ease and accuracy.

9 Splitgate

Splitgate is a first-person shooter that combines elements of classic fast-paced arena shooters with innovative portal mechanics. Playing with a keyboard and mouse allows for faster, more precise aiming and movement, which is essential in a game that requires quick reflexes and accurate shooting.

While a controller is perfectly fine to use in Splitgate, it can lead to the same issues many people would experience with any FPS in terms of accuracy. With the precision and speed that comes with using a keyboard and mouse, players can dominate the competition in Splitgate.

8 Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is the definition of a perfect sequel, improving on the original in pretty much every way. This fast-paced third-person shooter with roguelike elements is bound to be more engaging and satisfying to play with a keyboard and mouse, especially if players use ranged weaponry.

It goes without saying that the mouse makes it easy to aim and shoot, which is a godsend in a game where death can arrive from any corner. With the speed and precision that comes with using a keyboard and mouse, players can survive longer and progress further in Risk of Rain 2.

7 Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 is an expansive MMORPG with a complex array of skills and abilities that players need to employ to defeat the many challenging foes in the game. Using a keyboard and mouse allows players to navigate the game’s menus and interface with greater ease and speed, letting them execute more complex moves with ease.

The mouse also makes it easier to interact with the game’s vast world and its elements, making this act way less finicky than it would be with a controller. Suffice it to say, Final Fantasy 14’s roots as an MMORPG make it perfect for a keyboard and mouse, regardless of whether players check this game out on the PC or PS5.

6 Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft is one of the most successful video games in history. That’s because Minecraft has hundreds of unique building materials to choose from, meaning there’s no limit to what a player can create. Moreover, players that struggle with creativity can test their survival skills by playing Survival Mode.

Playstation 5 players can play Minecraft with a controller, but it also has mouse and keyboard support. Playing with a mouse and keyboard is highly recommended since it helps players build and interact better. For example, controller players can’t quickly select an item from their Hotbar, while a mouse and keyboard player can with a simple press of a button.

5 Warframe

Warframe is among the few free-to-play MMOs that have stood the test of time. This third-person shooter allows players to control unique Warframes (similar to a Mobile Suit from Gundam) to fight off several alien races in various procedurally-generated environments.

The PlayStation 5 version of Warframe has keyboard and mouse support, which comes in handy while using certain weapons like the overpowered Sniper Rifles. As well as helping with weapon aiming, a mouse and keyboard will also allow players to navigate through missions more easily, especially the Sorties or Spy ones.

4 Cities: Skylines

Even though Cities: Skylines didn’t have the same impact as SimCity, it still managed to satisfy the city-building simulation community. Over the years, though, Cities: Skylines has evolved from a basic city-building game to one that allows players to build complex cities, which wasn’t possible in older games.

Due to its complexity, playing on a controller isn’t recommended since players will spend more time trying to navigate to a particular section than actually playing the game. Fortunately, Cities: Skylines on the PlayStation 5 has mouse and keyboard support, which is a huge advantage for beginners. With a mouse and keyboard, players can react quickly if there’s a disaster, such as a tornado or a tsunami.

3 Fortnite

Despite being often called “the Battle Royale for kids,” Fortnite has become the go-to BR for crossovers, featuring characters from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and even John Wick himself! Aside from the crossovers, Fortnite isn’t a normal Battle Royale since players must also learn how to build defensive and offensive structures in the heat of a battle.

As players can expect, building a structure in the blink of an eye (like some pro-Fortnite PC players do) is quite challenging and somewhat impossible with a controller. The good news is that the PS5 version of Fortnite allows players to use a mouse and keyboard, as while Fortnite does have aim assist for controllers, this doesn’t help when it comes to building structures.

2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The Call of Duty franchise has one of the largest communities in the first-person shooter gaming world. Not every Call of Duty installment has been received well, but they all have action-packed multiplayer content. Despite its flaws, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gained lots of popularity since it introduced several groundbreaking game modes and gameplay mechanics.

While there’s a strong belief that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 controller players are at an advantage due to the game’s aim assist, the fact is that they can’t compete against a skilled mouse and keyboard player. Fortunately, COD: Modern Warfare 2 on the PlayStation 5 supports a mouse and keyboard, which means that players can quickly aim at players with a simple flick of the wrist.

1 Planet Coaster Console Edition

The spiritual predecessor of Rollercoaster Tycoon, Planet Coaster has earned its place as one of the best theme park creation simulators in the video game market. The console community wasn’t left behind either, with Planet Coaster Console Edition being a great way to experience this fun amusement park simulator for themselves.

Similar to Cities: Skylines, though, this theme park creation simulator doesn’t play too well on a controller since the navigation menu is quite extensive. As a result, it’s highly recommended to play with a mouse and keyboard, which the PS5 version supports. With a mouse and keyboard, players can build rides a lot easier, especially rides that require painstaking accurate placement, like roller coasters. This is important, as failing to place a ride correctly can be costly for the park if there’s an accident.


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