Asobo Studio has finally answered criticism aimed at A Plague Tale: Requiem’s performance mode on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with a new patch 1.5 that introduces a 60 frames per second option. Though the previous version was impressive with its graphics and image quality, it ran at 30 frames per second, frustrating many fans of the game. This new update is a significant upgrade for players who have been eagerly waiting for a smoother gameplay experience.

With the update, the game has been refined to run at 60fps, improving action, combat, and camera motion. Players have reported a noticeably smoother movement, making aiming with the slingshot and panning the camera much easier. And although some elements have been reduced, such as resolution, fidelity, and animation, the performance upgrade remains solid overall.

The catch, however, is that players will notice a less fluid movement in rats and NPCs animation. To achieve fluidity at 60fps, the number of rats and NPCs has been significantly reduced, even on PS5 and Series X. In some scenes where rats dominate the screen, there are still 30fps rat animations, which creates a disconnect between the fluid camera motion and the halting rat movement. However, this is not noticeable in most of the game’s missions.

In addition to reduced flora and fauna, the draw distance is also affected, textures lose some of their resolution, and shadows become less noticeable. For complex areas such as towns, the cutbacks go even further to hold at a higher frame rate, but neither PS5 nor Series X has any trouble sustaining a flawless 60 frames per second with the upgrades.

For the 1440p resolution mode, the new patch maintains the 30fps lock, but switching to a 120Hz display raises the cap to 40fps. In addition, the new 60fps performance mode runs at a lower 1080p target on both PS5 and Series X, resulting in a reduction in foliage on the ground and even fewer animals in the scenes.

Despite some reducations, the 60fps option on the latest patch has been a massive success for this game. The compromise in visuals was worth it since the gameplay now flows seamlessly and plays better than ever before. This update provides a look into the limitations of the PS5 and Series X. Still, Asobo Studio has done a fantastic job in balancing the game’s need for improved graphics and visuals with the console’s ability to handle high frame rates, giving the gamers a satisfying and immersive experience.

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