Alan Wake fans may not have to wait much longer for the release of the much-awaited game sequel. According to the game’s principal voice actor, the game is expected to be launched in October. Excitement for the upcoming release is already brewing, with fans eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new game on PS5.

Matthew Poretta, the voice actor for the titular character in Alan Wake II, dropped this hint on the Monsters, Magic, and Madness podcast, stating, “I’ve been working on it—that’s supposed to come out in October. We’re in the middle of working on it now. In fact, I was just in Finland last week. That’s where the company’s from—Remedy—amazing people.”

Poretta’s comment has sparked many questions among the game’s fans. It appears that Remedy, the game’s developer, is targeting a 2023 release date on the PS5, but if Poretta’s statement is accurate, the release may be much sooner than anticipated. However, it is important to note that his statement is not officially confirmed by Remedy.

The original Alan Wake game was released over a decade ago and was a massive hit among gaming enthusiasts. The game’s protagonist, Alan Wake, is a best-selling writer who undertakes supernatural adventures. Fans have eagerly awaited Alan Wake II ever since the original game’s release.

The first game was only released on Xbox 360 and PC, so the PS5 version is a highly anticipated release for fans of the game but who haven’t had access to play it. The new game will introduce new characters, features, and actions, providing players with an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Even though the voice actor’s claim is not an official confirmation, the news has sparked a lot of excitement among fans. It appears that they may not have to wait until 2023 to play the game on their PS5. The October release date hinted at by Poretta will certainly make Halloween feel even more special for fans of the Alan Wake series.


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